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Dr. Wei Yang's Blog (2012)

Be ware of the Problematic China-Based Art Market. Many art owners ask me about the possibility of selling their Chinese art work in the China-base auction houses. Encouraged by some art market reports, most believed that selling Chinese antiques in China is a fabulous investment opportunity. While aiming for providing sound marketing guidance without hurting the feelings of these enthusiastic Chinese art sellers, I often comment on the current China-based art market in an euphemistic way: "Get to know the market before you enter it." Since I am in a complete agreement with Abigail Esman's analysis of the China-based art market in her thoughtful piece, China's $13 Million Art Fraud --And What It Means to You (Forbes, Aug. 13, 2012), I would enourage Chinese art sellers or buyers to read the article before you dive into the China-based art market.

Understand Chinese Art Market 2012

China is now the world's biggest market for art and antiques, ending the USA's decades of domination.

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